By guest writer Nelson Sebati, Entrepreneur and Non-Executive Chairman at Murason Business Services. He has 10 years’ experience in recruitment, talent acquisition, career transitioning & on-boarding, with a specific focus on IT and Executive skills. He is a certified Career Strategist and Job Search Coach. He studied Entrepreneurship at Wits Business School, Law at UNISA, BBBEE at SBL among other numerous qualifications& is currently a member of the YBSA, BMF, REC-UK, APSO, CSSA, ASA, and IoDSA.

There is a joke I like to tell students. I ask “What are the four Ps of marketing sales?” And the students, eager to impress, invariably answer “Product, Price, Promotion and Price.” They should be right, but then I reply, “Nope! The four Ps of marketing sales are Preparation, Preparation, Preparation and Preparation.” Each and every one of these categories of the marketing mix they mention is preceded by preparation in one form or another. So in marketing, as all spheres of life, preparation is everything.

The thing about life is that it doesn’t know it exists. We are its embodiment and as a result, only we are in control. The unexpected will happen and the extent to which this will affect our life-plans depends on one thing: Preparation. The more prepared we are, the more flexible we can be with our response.

The great Louis Pasteur once said “Chance favours only the prepared mind” and the same is true for Job interviews. So in keeping with this theme please accept with our compliments the Murason Interview Preparation ebook, Click here to download.

I hope you will enjoy using it and much as we enjoyed putting it together.