Murason Business Services is the ideal ESD beneficiary to companies looking for a win-win Enterprise and Supplier Development relationship. As an emerging company with the qualifying BBBEE credentials and a proven track record of delivering results that endure, we are positioned to deliver the highest Return On Empowerment (ROE) at the lowest cost per BBBEE point for our sponsoring companies.  Our strategic focus, portfolio of solutions and client testimonials can be viewed in our company profile or on our website .

Some key points to consider are:

  • Guaranteed BBBEE points.
  • BBBEE points for ESD accrue immediately upon receipt of contributions.
  • Our BBBEE Level 1, Empowering Supplier status with a 135% procurement recognition level confirms us as a “Category A” beneficiary for Enterprise and Supplier Development, giving our sponsors an additional 25% value to contributions spent with us.
  • We are a 100% black owned, 30% black female owned and 100% designated groups owned (Youth) Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME). This means that we are contributors to 5 of the 6 indicators under Preferential Procurement including the bonus points, for any services and products acquired from us. This can be enhanced by an addition 120% by entering into a 3 year contract with us, resulting in 1.35 x 1.2 = 162% procurement recognition and 1 bonus point.
  • With a functioning  BBBEE Advisory and Training division i.e. Murason Transformation Solutions, we have a solid understanding of the letter and spirit of the Amended BBBEE Act, Codes Of Good Practice, Sectors Charters and supporting legislation. Therefore we can assist with preparation for BBBEE Verification by providing all the required documents for Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) to optimize our sponsors’ scorecard.  We also provide consulting and guidance on the other elements of the BBBEE scorecard.
  • We have in-house mentors that can be productively deployed to conduct training and coaching to other SMMEs on behalf of our sponsors to meet the requirements of option 4 of the Empowering Supplier criteria.
  • Our recruitment and placement division helps our sponsors with meeting the job creation targets for Skills Development and ESD. Adding a possible 6 points more to their final scorecard.
  • Our recruitment and placement division is also helpful in sourcing qualified candidates to meet the EAP targets for Employment Equity.

The type of assistance is we would welcome;

  • Grants and assistance with Direct Costs for development of our company in areas such as IT Systems, training and development, office equipment  and furniture, marketing campaigns and expansion infrastructure.
  • Mentoring and coaching of our key staff in Finance and Strategy.
  • Discounts on services or products procured by us from our sponsors.
  • Preferential terms (early payments) for services rendered by us to our sponsors.
  • Interest free loans.

Being a BBBEE Consultancy firm, we have all the required documents to confirm Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) contributions thus significantly reducing effort to attain valuable points on this element of our sponsors BBBEE scorecard.