Murason Government Solutions (MGS) helps governments at all levels: National, Provincial, Local and State Owned Enterprises to address greater demand for services while coping with economic slowdowns and shrinking budgets through an integrated, holistic and flexible approach. We offer comprehensive solutions for modernizing government operations to successfully achieve policy and mission critical outcomes, improve citizen services, promote accountability and manage resources more effectively.

We provide customisable best-of-breed government solutions that include:

  • Revenue Collection;
  • Debt Recovery;
  • Government Transformation;
  • Management Development and Leadership Transition;
  • Succession planning;
  • MFMA/PFMA Compliant Disposal of Assets;
  • Land and Property Audits (identification of lost properties);
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Training;
  • Advisory.

Public sector professionals at Murason Government Solutions understand the unique missions, key priorities and challenges of government and have extensive experience in addressing the complex issues surrounding accelerated public sector service delivery. This multi-disciplinary team combines a proactive approach with proven global methodologies and tools, international know-how, local knowledge and personalised attention to respond directly to the needs of government at all levels.